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A word from the president

More than ever before now, the oil and gas world is under incredible pressure, both societal and economic, and has to evolve in an increasingly competitive context. Innovative initiatives are therefore crucial to maintaining high levels of safety and technical excellence in our operations while at the same time reducing the cost of our projects.


It is with this mindset that Total E&P has embarked on an initiative that aims to encourage the development of innovative, fit-for-purpose “alternative” technical and contractual solutions, designed to sustainably bring down the costs of subsurface data acquisition operations which are essential to Total’s exploration projects and future developments.    


With this aim in mind Total, through its affiliate TEP ASD, decided to build a Physical Measurements Center open to measuring instrument manufacturers and well data acquisition operators, so that they can calibrate and certify their measurements and be technically qualified to perform oil and gas operations in the right conditions.


With this service, we aim to develop a real alternative to current methods and tools by enabling players from the mining, geotechnical and hydrogeological sectors, to gauge and develop simple or “frugal” technical solutions that are nonetheless sufficiently reliable and suited to the oil & gas context and to the specific constraints of this industrial sector. 


The reach of TEP ASD’s “alternative” subsurface data calibration center includes a wide range of companies that have serious potential to meet the market demand for “frugal” petroleum data. Whether they work for Total or for other clients, the center provides them with a crucial, low-cost and efficient tool, as well as reliable (the TEP ASD laboratory has been accredited with the ISO 17025, corresponding to the highest international standards), and totally confidential: a major asset to their participation in calls for tender in the sector whenever the opportunity arises.


In the longer term, the center will also be used as a hub for the research and testing of extended physical measurement technologies (e.g. well seismic data), still with the same intention of reducing costs through the fit-for-purpose approach. It will also be used as a training site for tomorrow’s geologists and reservoir engineers.


The Physical Measurements Center is located in south west France, not far from Total’s Scientific and Technical Center, and is up and running since May 2018. It is open to everyone, including instrument designers, manufacturers and operators, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require any further information, and come and try out the services available at the TEP ASD Center.


François ALABERT


Total E&P, Alternative Subsurface Data


Francois Alabert