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Total Exploration & Production Alternative Subsurface Data (TEP ASD)

Encourage the development of alternative techniques for measurement in wells

Alternative logging is a cost responsible and innovative way to bring logging companies from diverse energetic domains into the oil and gas environment. By boosting the ecosystem of service companies and manufacturers in logging, Total E&P ASD has built a logging calibration facility to help suppliers to boost business opportunities.
Located in Artigueloutan, in the south-west of France, this Calibration Center is open to all oil and gas companies like manufacturers, service companies, IOCs, NOCs, but also to all energetic domains like hydrogeology, geothermic and mining.
The Center provides 29 standards in 18 silos: rocks, fluids, sand pack, aluminum and composite. These standards are used for the characterization of a large number of logging probes and metrological monitoring. The rock standards used in our workshop are carefully prepared following a certified drying and soaking process. Each rock is chosen for its mineralogical, geochemical and petro physical properties, a large range of lithology (11 types) as limestone, dolomite, sandstone…
The center provides calibration and qualification processes through international Oil and Gas measurements standards (International System of Units).